Where we're headed & why

Our Mission is to connect people to an OVERFLOWING relationship with Jesus Christ. 

There was a moment in the Bible where Jesus went out of His way to encounter a woman in Samaria. It was in the middle of the day and when she came out to the well where He was, He made a seemingly simple request. He asked her for some water. She was taken back that He spoke to her because it was socially taboo for men and women to speak in public not to mention the fact that there was a lot of bad blood between Jews and Samaritans. If that weren’t enough, we come to find out that she also had a somewhat shady past which was the reason she was getting water in the middle of the day. After a brief exchange, Jesus offered the woman what her soul desperately craved. He offered her Living Water that would become a spring inside of her that would overflow and produce eternal life.

That is the kind of life Jesus provides for us. Not just any life – overflowing life. Our calling is to help people like the woman Jesus met at the well to discover the overflowing life that He designed us to live. No matter where we have been or what we have done or what kind of baggage we have, Jesus will meet us right where we are in the middle of our mess and offer us the one and only thing that will truly satisfy our thirsty souls: Himself.

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