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Praying over Brian & downtown Nashville

Normal is kind of a funny word because it’s completely different for everyone. It can be kind of elusive and prone to changing on a dime. Our normal has been completely redefined as you can probably imagine if you have been following along with our journey the last month or so. This past week was really our first relatively “normal” week – at least in terms of our schedule. We will try to enjoy it when we can since normal might not happen all that often. (Click on the picture to see some of our recent pics!)

Bailey kind of got off to a rough start with her first full week of Kindergarten. On her first day, she got sick at school and had to be picked up before lunch. She missed the next day and finally went back on Wednesday. Each morning she has complained about her stomach hurting and each afternoon she has been in tears when Dawn picks her up. We think she is just nervous about all the unfamiliarity with a new school, friends, and teachers. Our prayer is that she will gain more and more confidence each day and begin to enjoy her new school and new friends so that she won’t have the morning stomach aches and afternoon meltdowns. I did have lunch with her today at school and that went much better than I expected. She was in a great mood with no stomach aches and she didn’t beg me to take her home which is definitely a win!

Please continue to pray for Dawn as she is still seeking a job. We are really hoping to find something part time fairly close by (within 30 minutes or so) with somewhat flexible hours so she can take Bailey to and from school. She will be helping out with childcare on Sunday nights at the Church at Station Hill (Brentwood’s south campus which is 5 minutes form our house). They do have an opening for an administrative assistant there at the church, but they are looking for someone full time. We know that God has a plan and will provide for our needs as we continue to trust in and follow Him!

As a part our training every week, the guys and girls meet separately in accountability groups called “LTG’s” (Life Transformation Groups). We read through Scripture, pray for and with each other and ask the tough questions. Additionally we have a LIGHT meal every week with the other residents and their families for fellowship, Bible Study, prayer, and group accountability. Since this was our first “normal” week, we had our first LTG’s and LIGHT meal and it was a huge blessing! I can see that having these every week is going to be one of the great highlights of this year as we “do life” together with the other resident families. We are already beginning to feel like one big family! It’s hard to believe that this is only the 3rd week and we are already growing so close to each other.

The “TRAINiacs” (as we residents are appropriately nicknamed) had our first on site LAUNCH training session this week. (These are about every other week.) The focus was on understanding the people and needs of the community where we are going to plant a new church. It was very interesting to see demographic data that strongly supported what we have seen happening in Holly Springs over the past several years. The next step is to take a look at how God has gifted and wired us to see how He could use us to make an impact there. It’s awesome to see how God is using this process to shape our vision for what He wants to do through us not only in Holly Springs but to the ends of the earth as we seek to obey the Great Commission.

God’s vision is way bigger than us and way bigger than Holly Springs! As He has commanded each disciple to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), the job of every church is to plant new churches to reach and disciple more people. According to what we’ve been referring to as the “Acts 1:8 mandate”, we are called to start wherever we are (locally) and move out nationally and internationally until everyone has a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel and be discipled.

As we continue to discover God’s vision for the church He is calling us to plant, we will also begin to develop a strategy to accomplish that vision which will result in transformed lives and a transformed community. An integral part of our strategy and church DNA will be serving people and the community as a whole to practically demonstrate the love of Christ. Jesus didn’t just tell us that He loved us, He showed His love for us by dying on the cross in our place so that by faith in Him we can have ultimate life! (Romans 5:8)

I look forward to sharing more in the future as God continues to reveal His vision to us! I’m excited about what God is already doing and what He will continue to do! Please pray that we will be focused and attentive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit through this process. Your prayers and encouragement are truly a treasured blessing! We would love to hear from you and even see you if you make it anywhere near Nashville!

We are so incredibly grateful and humbled to know that so many of you are praying for us! Here are some of our greatest prayer needs at the moment…

  • Bailey to make friends and enjoy school
  • Dawn to find a job soon
  • That we will manage and balance our time well with the training, family, networking and relationship building
  • Health Insurance and finances
  • That God will continue to reveal His vision and plan for Holly Springs and how He wants to use us there
  • For the people living in Holly Springs that need a saving relationship with Jesus Christ
  • For the other residents and their families (Steve & Joy and their sons Isaiah & Isaac – planting in Korea; and Brian & Sarah Drinkwine – planting in Nashville)

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers, encouragement, and support! We have a pretty good idea for what the name of the church is going to be and soon we will share it with you so you can start praying for it by name!! We hope to hear from you soon!

Spreading HIS Fame…
Dawn, Todd, & Bailey!

If you feel led to support us and participate financially, checks can be made out to “Brentwood Baptist Church” with “NC 2014″ in the memo line and sent to Brentwood Baptist Church | 7777 Concord Rd. | Brentwood, TN 37027. Contributions are tax deductible.