At least the end of 2014. We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family and friends and that 2014 has been a great year for you! This has been a wild year for us as we have transitioned from our church planting residency in Nashville back home to Holly Springs. God has blessed us in some unbelievable ways as we have begun implementing much of what we learned during our time in Nashville.

Check out some of what God has been doing since we’ve been home…

  • He has helped us be very intentional about connecting with our neighbors – throwing parties, having people over, going for walks, serving on the HOA board, and looking for opportunities to bless our neighbors.
  • We designated a Christmas tree near the entrance of our neighborhood and invited the neighbors to help decorate it.
  • We hosted a neighborhood Christmas party and had several neighbors come – many of whom didn’t know each other!
  • Partnered with Holly Grove Elementary School and have been serving the staff at least once a month. Most recently, we set up a Starbucks coffee station in both staff lounges along with lots of great pastries. Each time we serve, we also ask the teachers to let us know what needs they have for their classrooms that we can help provide. This last time, they filled up two full sheets with requests! We also had several really good conversations with staff as they came in and enjoyed the coffee and pastries. I’ve also been helping out on the PTA and in our daughter Bailey’s classroom. I try to get on campus about once a week to have lunch with Bailey, help her teacher, or serve in some way.
  • I’ve been making great connections with several of the staff at Starbucks which is where I usually camp out and get work done. We decided to bring some goodies to the staff that had to work on Christmas Day and they were very grateful!
  • Our Team is continuing to grow – we have about 13 adults and 9 kids with 2 more kids on the way! We have been meeting weekly to pray, plan, prepare and dream as we get ready to start our first 2 LIFEgroups in the beginning of February!
  • We hosted a booth at HollyFest where we met lots of people and shared the vision of LifeSpring – blessed the community with games for the kids and a family giveaway to a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge! A few weeks later we had a Family Gathering at a local Rec Center to worship together and share vision with those we met at HollyFest.
  • DNA groups meet about every week for accountability and prayer as we encourage and challenge each other to apply God’s Word in our relationships where we live, work, and play.

The end of 2014 means the beginning of a brand new year with limitless possibilities. As the Gabriel told Mary in Luke 1:37, “Nothing is impossible with God.”
Here’s a glimpse of what we’re looking forward to in 2015… 

Here are 7 THINGS you can be praying with us about as we dive into 2015.