HOW we will accomplish our mission


When the Samaritan woman came to the well in John 4, she came with a need. Her bucket was empty – along with her heart. The same is true of all of us outside of a relationship with Jesus. As we recognize our emptiness and need for Christ, we pick up our empty buckets and “BRING IT” – all that we are and all that we have – to the only well that never runs dry: Jesus!

FILL it.

The possibilities for what we can try to fill our buckets with are limitless. But our thirsty souls were designed to be ultimately satisfied by only one thing: a growing relationship with Jesus. Once we trust in Him, He begins to “FILL IT” with the living water of His love and grace that then overflows out of us into the lives of others.

POUR it.

Buckets aren’t designed to store what they contain. Their purpose is y are to carry their contents from one place to another. We aren’t designed to be storage containers for God’s love and grace. Instead, our purpose is to “POUR IT” into the lives of others so they can experience this overflowing life for themselves and be transformed in a relationship with Jesus.

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