Small Steps & Giant Leaps

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Stepping off of a ladder isn’t that big of a deal. Unless that ladder is attached to a lunar module on the surface of the moon and it’s the first time any human being is setting foot there. Then yeah, it kind of IS a big deal. That’s why when Neil Armstrong stepped off of that ladder onto the dusty surface of the moon, he said, “That’s one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.”

I wasn’t alive back then, but just about everyone who was alive watched or listened as he took that step and uttered those words. But that moment was the result of a vision that sparked a process that took many years, lots of money, and thousands of people to make it happen. Armstrong couldn’t have gotten to the moon overnight or by himself. There were hundreds of people that had to do their part in order for Armstrong to have that iconic and triumphant moment.

The truth is that giant leaps are most often the result of thousands of small steps. We all celebrate the “huge leaps” and so we should. But those leaps are the result of strategic vision and processes that have to happen behind the scenes.

This week we are taking another small step that in a way is kind of a giant leap forward for LifeSpring. This week, we are launching our first two LIFEgroups! Each group will serve a specific people group every month, help each other grow spiritually, and set a goal to start another new LIFEgroup within 6 months. Every month we will walk through a 4-week cycle. Week 1 is a PARTY where we invite our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to hang out, have fun and get to know each other. No strings attached. Next is PRAY week where we will intentionally pray for those we know that don’t know what it’s like to have an overflowing relationship with Jesus. Week 3 is where we PLAN our next party and how we will serve our people group. The last week of the cycle is where we POUR out what God has done in us by serving people so they can get a glimpse of God’s amazing love for them.

When our LIFEgroups multiply, we also multiply our impact as we serve more and more people in our community and connect them to an overflowing relationship with Jesus. Our goal is to multiply our first generation of LIFEgroups to 4 by August when we will begin monthly “sneak preview” worship gatherings. Once the 2nd generation of LIFEgroups multiples to 8 groups by February, we will be ready to have our grand opening and begin weekly worship gatherings.

This is a big vision and this huge leap requires thousands of small steps and a team of dedicated missionary servants leveraging their time, talents, and treasures to make it happen. We invite YOU to be part of this incredibly challenging and infinitely rewarding journey to connect people to an overflowing relationship with Jesus here in Holly Springs and beyond! God has uniquely created, called and equipped each of us to partner with Him to accomplish His purpose. The question isn’t IF, but HOW God wants to use you? The giant leap starts with the next small step. What is YOUR next step?

Here are 3 major ways you can partner with us to help reach the 30,000+ people in Holly Springs:

1. PRAY. We kind of feel like this should be a given, but we don’t want to assume that people are praying for Holly Springs and for LifeSpring and we certainly don’t want to minimize the importance of prayer. Our hope is that anyone who reads this will be willing to pray regularly for what God is doing through us here in the Holly Springs area. CLICK HERE to join our PRAYER TEAM> HERE are 7 THINGS we’re excited & praying about this month.

2. GIVE. The reality is that it takes money to do ministry. We are dependent on God to provide the funds to fuel His vision through people like you who are willing to partner with us financially. We truly believe that there is no such thing as a small contribution and through each gift God brings blessings on both ends. There are 3 really easy ways to give:

  • ONLINE – you can set up automated monthly contributions or give a one-time gift using a major debit or credit card.
  • By TEXT – Just text the amount you would like to give to 919-336-2212 and after you register the first time, you can text your gift from then on.
  • By CHECK – If online or text isn’t your thing, you can always give by mailing a check for LifeSpring Church to P.O. Box 1483 Holly Springs, NC 27540.
    • ALL contributions are greatly appreciated and tax deductible!

3. GO. In addition to prayers and finances, there’s no substitute for boots on the ground when waging battle for those God dearly loves! It could be that your next step is a leap of faith to unite with our launch team as a servant missionary and allow God to use your gifts, talents, and skills to help connect people to Jesus. If you’re interested, let’s talkOur Launch Team is meeting twice a month so feel free to come check it out!

We’re pumped to be part of what God is doing and invite you to take small steps and giant leaps with us!

Check out the 7 Things we’re excited about & praying for this month!


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