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by | Nov 13, 2014 | Blog Article

A few weeks ago, I did something that at the time didn’t really seem like that big of a deal. I was mowing my grass and noticed the yard across the street was looking really bad. The house was apparently vacant and had been neglected for several weeks. Since it was right across the street from my house and on a corner lot, I decided that rather complain about it, I would do something about it. So I mowed the grass and trimmed it up. No big deal, right? That’s what I thought.

The weird thing is that since then I’ve had a couple of different neighbors mention it and express their gratitude and the fact that they were surprised that someone would do that. That simple act has opened some great doors to conversations with my neighbors that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

It definitely wasn’t worthy of a “neighbor of the year” award or anything. It was something small and simple and God has been using it in some pretty cool ways.

That’s pretty much how God works though. Throughout the Bible we see example after example of how people were willing to do small things in faith and God blew them up to be huge things. Abraham took Isaac up the mountain and God provided the sacrifice. Moses lifted his staff and God parted the sea. David slung a stone and God killed the giant. Isaiah prayed and God sent down fire from heaven. Joseph stayed with Mary and God allowed him to help raise Jesus. Paul wrote letters that God has been using to encourage and challenge His people ever since. For more examples, read Hebrews 11. That passage is full of examples of how when faith is added to ordinary things, God can and will produce extraordinary results.

Many of us have been conditioned to think that only the big things count for God. Additionally, we often feel like we are responsible for making those big things happen. We couldn’t be more wrong on both counts. Only God has the power to penetrate someone’s cold, dead heart and transform them into a vibrant, faith-filled Christ follower. What could happen if we started counting more than gospel presentations, spiritual decisions and baptisms?

Small things really do matter. In fact, When we are faithful to do our small part, God is faithful to do His HUGE part. Instead of dismissing small acts of faith and obedience, we should start encouraging and celebrating them. I think small things are actually the key to the big things. It’s very possible that the reason we don’t see more big things happening is because many of us aren’t willing to do the small things. It’s really hard for people to grasp the big idea of the Gospel if they have never seen it lived out in small ways in front of them.

The great thing about small things is that anyone can do them any time no matter where they are. It can be as simple as going for a walk in your neighborhood and talking to one of your neighbors – maybe for the the first time. It might be inviting someone to coffee, lunch or dinner. Or maybe encouraging your server or cashier next time you go out for a meal or go to the grocery store. You could even mow the neighbor’s grass if it needs it.

Start small. God might just blow it up into something HUGE!

If you want more great practical ideas on doing small things, check out this resource: “Simple Ways to Be Missional”   


  1. Mark Barnhill

    Nicely written.

    • TCole98

      Thanks, Mark! How are you guys doing?!


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