Hanging out at our last Vision Party @ Orange Leaf

Hanging out at our last Vision Party @ Orange Leaf

This has been a huge month of transition for our family. We moved back to our house in Holly Springs and are now about 90% unpacked. Our daughter Bailey started first grade in the school next to our neighborhood the week after we moved in. That was a huge answer to prayer since that school was capped and Bailey was on a waiting list to get in. We had a letter in the mail the day we moved in saying that they had space for her so now we are able to walk with her to and from school. Another huge answer to prayer was that Dawn was offered a job the day after we moved in and started about a week later. It is a really great job but carries a lot more responsibility than she has ever had before, so she is still learning and adjusting.

Since we moved in, we have been very intentional about going for walks in our neighborhood and initiating conversations with our neighbors. The result is that we have gotten to know more of our neighbors in the last month than we did in the 7 years we lived here previously! Several of those conversations have been very meaningful and we are planning to begin inviting people over to dinner about once a week to get to know them better. We are also planning to host a block party for our neighborhood this fall in order to foster community among our neighbors and demonstrate the love of Christ. We were blessed with one particular significant financial gift this month that we plan to use for a block party “kit” to us to begin throwing parties more often.

We had our first vision party a couple of weeks ago and had about 30 people that came to hear about the vision for the church and how they can get involved! We feel that it was a good first event to get the word out that we are here and ready to get started and that those who came will help us spread the word to others. Our 2nd vision party was this past weekend at Orange Leaf and we had several great conversations with people there about what God has planned for LifeSpring. Our next party will be a cookout at our house on Sunday, August 24th from 5-7pm. If you’re in the area, we would love for you to come hang out with us and hear more about the vision and how you can be part of it! Get more info HERE! We are praying for a great turnout and for several people to be ready and willing to join the team! We are planning to have more vision parties about once a month moving forward as a way to spread the word and invite people to the team. Our daughter Bailey has even been getting excited about inviting neighbors and her friends and their families to our vision parties!

We have also identified some strong service opportunities with the elementary school our daughter attends and the fire department near our neighborhood. We look forward to exploring how we can best serve them in the next month or so. There is a possibility that I might be joining the board of our homeowners association which could likely open more avenues to ministry in the future. I’m also planning to help out on one of the PTA committees at Holly Grove Elementary as a way to serve the school and build relationships. Keep praying for more opportunities and open doors!

We are really excited that we have already begun 2 DNA groups with those who are committed to our launch team! Each gender-specific group meets once a week for mutual encouragement and accountability. Each group chooses a section of the Bible to read through the week and then they discuss a list of accountability questions when they come together. This has already been a very effective and powerful time for each group as God has been drawing us closer to each other and closer to Him. We have heard several comments from those participating that they have never been in a group like this before where they have been challenged in this way and gotten this up close and personal about their spiritual walk. It has been a huge blessing to see God working through these groups!

THANK YOU for your continued prayers and support! We need them now more than ever! If you haven’t already, we would love for you to join our prayer team so you can get our updates and know specifically how to be praying each month. We would also love for you to pray about becoming a financial partner with us! Unfortunately it takes money to do ministry and it may be that God has blessed you with financial resources that He wants to use to bless others in Holly Springs and beyond! You can GIVE ONLINE or send a check to LifeSpring Church PO Box 1483 Holly Springs, NC 27540. Lastly, God might be calling you to invest your time and talents on our Launch Team! If so, please EMAIL TODD – we would love to get together soon and talk about that and even have you join us for one of our upcoming Vision Parties or Launch Team Gatherings!

We are excited about what God is doing and can’t wait to see what He’s going to do next!

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