Hanging out with Neil Cole at the TRAIN Booth at Exponential in Orlando!

WOW! It sounds so cliche to say this but the time has really flown by! I can’t believe that we only have 6 more weeks before we will be commissioned and on our way back to Holly Springs! I’m so amazed and blessed by all that God has been doing in us through this process. We have learned and grown so much in so many ways since moving to Nashville last August and we are continually grateful that God allowed us to have this unbelievable experience.

Since we are already halfway through May and only 6 weeks from returning to Holly Springs, we are beginning the process of wrapping up our training and preparing to make the transition to go back “home”. As you can imagine, this is a bittersweet time for us. We have had some wonderful experiences and made some incredible new friends over the course of this year and it will be sad to be pulling away. We knew in our heads that this time would come and it would have to be this way but now we are beginning to feel it in our hearts. At the same time we are really excited about returning to our friends, our house, our neighborhood, and our town. As Dorothy said – there’s no place like home! (Although we feel that Nashville is definitely a “second” home and we hope to come back as often as we can.) We are also excited about implementing all that God has been showing and teaching us over the course of this last year and beginning the work of connecting people in Holly Springs and beyond to an overflowing relationship with Jesus!

During this transition, we have been going back over a lot of what we have learned and making revisions to our strategies, structures, and systems. Once we get back, there are likely going to be several more major revisions we will have to make as we get a greater understanding of what God is already doing, what the obstacles are, and how He wants to use us to connect people to Him. We have also been in the process of fundraising and recruiting – which will continue all the way up until LifeSpring launches weekly services in fall of 2015. Then we’ll begin our post-launch fundraising and recruiting! Speaking of – LET US KNOW if God is leading YOU to partner with us in advancing His Kingdom! (Click HERE to find out how!)  God has already blessed us with a growing team of prayer warriors, financial partners, church partners, and Launch Team members!

We are also beginning to work through all of the logistics of getting moved back: when we’ll move out of here and move in there, who will be able to help on each end, financial stuff, getting Bailey finished with school here (her last day is next week!) and ready to start school in July, etc. Part of that process also includes throwing some parties! We will have a party here (date?) to say goodbye to our Nashville friends and once we get back we will hopefully have a few parties to say hello to our friends in the Raleigh area. We will let you know those dates and locations as soon as we get them nailed down. (Let me know if you might be able to host or help with one!)

THANK YOU for your continual prayers, encouragement, and support throughout this wild journey! We have been so blessed by the cards, emails, phone calls, and even visits from so many of you! God is using you in vital ways to make what we are doing possible and we couldn’t do it without your faithful support! We are so thankful for you!!

What we are excited about and praying for…

  1. We are thankful for a great recruiting trip to Exponential in Orlando!
  2. We are praying more and more for God to show us the next steps in this journey and for the faith to be obedient.
  3. We pray that God will open our eyes to the physical, emotional, and spirit needs in the lives of people so that we will be aware of their pain, struggles, hopes, and dreams so that we can explore ways to meet those needs with the love and power of Christ.
  4. We also pray that God will prepare the hearts of those in the community to be receptive to us and to the Gospel. We are praying for our neighbors who aren’t connected to Christ or to a Gospel-centered church. We pray that God will open doors for relationships through which we can sow the seeds of the Gospel as well as lead us to people of influence in strategic neighborhoods and businesses.
  5. We are praying for God to continue to supply the right people and resources at the right time. We pray that He will continue to prepare the hearts of those He wants on our team or that have the resources needed to accomplish His vision. We praise God for the ways He has already demonstrated His faithfulness by allowing us to get this level of training and by prompting several churches and individuals to partner with us to make disciples in Holly Springs and beyond!
  6. We are praying that Dawn will be able to find a great job quickly once we return to Holly Springs.
  7. We are praying for our fellow TRAIN Residents Steve & Joy Cho (@launchchurch) as they prepare to move to Seoul, Korea to plant Launch Church and for Brian & Sarah Drinkwine (@briandrinkwine) as they gear up to start Echo Church in west Nashville.

Important dates:

5/23 – Todd & Dawn’s Anniversary!
6/7 or 14 – Going Away Party in Spring Hill
6/18 – Vision Party at Station Hill
6/22 – Brentwood Commissioning Service
6/29-30 – Moving Day
July (TBA) – “We’re Back!” Parties
8/24 – Launch Team Commitment/ Commissioning
9/7 – Launch Team Training Kickoff!