Shift #2: God didn’t call us to start a church… He called us to MAKE DISCIPLES

As we make disciples, God builds His church – not the other way around. It’s a lot easier to just think about how to launch a worship service and hope that eventually we will make disciples. It’s harder, messier and more time consuming to start a church by making disciples. If we simply start a service, we may actually never get around to making disciples. In the book of Acts, the Church was birthed as people responded in faith to the Gospel and began meeting together for worship, fellowship, and service (each of which are really aspects of discipleship).

Making disciples isn’t A mission of the church, it really is THE mission. In what has been dubbed “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20) Jesus commanded His disciples to go make disciples. He didn’t say to go start churches. God grows the church as we obey His command to make disciples. Jesus actually said that HE would build His church and that the gates if hell would not prevail against it! (Matthew 16:18)

This is something I have to keep reminding myself. If we focus more on the services, systems, structures, and strategies we could very easily miss the whole point of why the Church exists. That would be tragic and is utterly unacceptable. You have permission to hold me accountable with this as we strive to set the DNA of making and multiplying disciples as the foundation of LifeSpring Church.