2 Critical Keys to Making a Difference

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Normal is overrated. Normal people do normal things and accomplish normal results. Only when we are willing to break from the norm do we begin to see different results. The same goes for the church.
One of the things we are learning is that there is no such thing as a “normal” way to launch a church! There are as many ways to go about it as there are churches – if not more! Not only is every church unique – we believe that every church is called to be different. Otherwise there would be no need for any more churches to exist. No one church can effectively reach an entire city for Christ. We need different kinds of churches to reach different kinds of people.
Normal churches do normal things and get normal results. We are called to be different. I have discovered that going off of the beaten path to launch a different kind of church to reach different people and make a difference in the community requires at least two key things:
1. Time

It’s a long, slow and usually messy process of building relationships with people we might otherwise sprint by on our way to go “do ministry”. This is a tough one for me because I like to see results. I like to cross finish lines and accomplish goals so it’s tough for me when there is no finish line or neat and clean “results” to point to. But I have to constantly remind myself that’s ok. God has called us to make disciples and relationships are the best context for that to take place. Relationships are built in the margins of our lives so if we have no margins, we won’t have any meaningful relationships for the Gospel to take root in. That means we have to make time to invest in those relationships – not just for a couple of weeks or a few months – but for as long as it takes.

2. Intentionality

It would be so much easier to just do what we have always done the way we have always done it. Most people tend to drift toward routines because they are familiar and comfortable. But it’s a tough truth that unless we are willing to break out of our safe, comfortable routines to do different things in different ways, we will never accomplish anything different and likely miss the chance to make a lasting difference. It’s hard and takes effort and determination. Our safe and comfortable routines have a gravitational pull that we have to discipline ourselves to resist on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Making disciples doesn’t happen accidentally but by purposefully leveraging the relationships and opportunities God has given us.

Even though it’s a long, messy process that requires intentional focus and determination, it’s ultimately worth it! This is what we are called to do. If we aren’t obedient and willing to blaze a different trail to reach different people, they will either miss out on the chance to experience the overflowing life they were designed to live or God will send someone else instead. Both scenarios are unacceptable. Why not us? Why not you? Why not here & now? It’s go time. Let’s do this!

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